About Us

Have you looked around and noticed that everything is evolving and life is becoming easier by the day with people able to make a million on their smartphones thanks to technology but perhaps you may be struggling to keep abreast with how the world is moving forward when it comes to money and finances and that is where FX Magazine fits in.

Because the world is evolving and new methods of making a simple payment, investing or even buying a new gift are available to consumers, the FX Magazine is there to simplify the life of traders.

At FX Magazine, we want and aim to provide a perfect platform for traders to share as well as telling their stories through us in an easy and reader friendly manner.

Although there are thousands of platforms providing information, news and market analysis, FX Magazine seeks to give you more and will be focusing on traders lifestyle, and will be first publication to provide such platform.

We want to track down and through our story telling capabilities, we aim to exclusively bring you up close and personal with not only the successful, but those who have started the path through trading

In addition, we want to give you a different side of a trader’s daily life, from home or at the office, in an aim to simplify the ins and outs of every day life of a successful trader.

With more and more people tapping into and exploring trading around the globe, we also want to track down current ratings and charts where you will get to see and learn more about the Top 100 Traders Index among other news and features.

Besides news, updates and advice on how and why you must consider trading, we will also bring you interesting giveaways in our fantastic competitions where you will stand a chance to win fabulous prizes.

As we about to launch our stunning website, we invite you to join us on this journey of celebrating forex market.